Well, it's been quite a week! Many thanks to all the students and their parents who have been happy to switch to online lessons with me. Skype has held up well and Idroo is working fine. Although you don't need a graphics tablet it is certainly very helpful to have one. You can write on Idroo with a mouse but it does take some practice! If you would like to purchase a graphics tablet I can recommend the Huion H420 which is the model I use myself. There are plenty of options though - both Wacom and Huion make good graphics tablets.

Please let me know if you'd like to have a look at Idroo prior to booking a lesson - I can set up up to 50 separate boards for my students on my current profile. You can email me here or phone/WhatsApp me on 07870 524211 or Skype me at simoncwilliams1978.