Given the current situation with the Coronavirus outbreak I thought I should explain my position. A few people have already asked about online tuition and I am sure I will get more enquiries in the coming weeks.

I have been a maths tutor for over 12 years and I have tutored online for over 8 years. I use Skype and an online whiteboard called Idroo, for which I pay a yearly subscription. I can create up to 50 simultaneous boards with my account, enough for one for each of my students. My Skype name is simoncwilliams1978 - please feel free to add me. If you would like me to create a board on Idroo for your child so you can have a look at it, please let me know.

I have always believed that face-to-face tuition is the best approach to maths tuition as it gives me more feedback on whether a student is understanding the material we are working on. However, online tuition can work really well too, so I will be offering it to all of my current students and any new students in the coming months until the outbreak is past its peak.

My preference for working arrangements is as follows: I will continue to offer face-to-face tuition unless the student or their parent requests online tuition. I will suggest online tuition if either I or my family contract the virus or if the student or anyone in their household contracts the virus, providing both the student and I feel up to working online.

As far as we know at the moment, external exams such as GCSE and A-levels will be going ahead as scheduled in May and June, and it looks as though the government wants to keep schools and colleges open as long as possible. If schools are forced to close I will have times available during the day but I will also have childcare commitments of my own. In this scenario I will do my best to fit everyone in but if necessary I may need to prioritise Yr 11 and Yr 13 students who are about to take important external exams.

I hope this clarifies the situation. If you have any questions/concerns please do not hesitate to contact me either via phonecall, text or email. Simon Williams 18th March 2020